When Children Speak Encouragement

I homeschool. Lots of people have lots of different opinions about it. Some think it’s abnormal, others believe it’s the best thing ever. Lately I have been struggling. I’ve felt stressed, overwhelmed, and ready to consider other options.

I’ve considered asking other homeschool moms how do you stay motivated when you want to give up? How do know for sure you are making the right choices? How do you maintain a balance and save your sanity? How do you stop beating yourself up everyday and wondering if you are doing enough?

This morning in our devotions B read these words, “God is always doing things that look like they can’t be done. It looked like God’s people would die in the desert. But God sent water from a rock. It looked like Gideon’s army was too small to win. But God scared the enemy away. It looked like Peter would be killed in jail. But God opened the jail doors and led him out. So when problems don’t look like they’ll work out, look for God. He does things that look like they can’t be done”. It was a really good word and reminder. That word turned into being something that completely blew me away when B & S looked at me and said, “Mommy you have to start believing God about homeschool or he’s going to get mad. You were created for this. Even if you think it’s hard, He said you can do this”. What?!?

I don’t know what the future holds or when this season will end, but I do know right now He says I can do this. Many of us have something or many things we doubt we can do, but I’m going to “look for God”. God help me to hold onto that assurance. God used my children to encourage me this morning and I hope someone else can be encouraged too.

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